Pulling It Apart To Put It Back Together

When you open a carton of strawberries or cherry tomatoes, there are always a few tossers. The ones that have wrinkles or moldy patches or brown spots. You flip the lid open and sort through what’s good and take out what would potentially make you sick.

It’s kind of what I’m doing with Christianity. I’ll reiterate again–I’m still a child of God, my relationship with God is intact, and I still desire to follow him. But I’m in a place of pulling apart everything I’ve accepted to be true without question, so that I can put it all back together and know definitively WHAT I believe and WHY. It’s scary. But it needs to happen. (Read more about why, if you’re interested.)

A wise friend recently told me that as I go through this time, I need to be sure that I run my questions through a good filter of truth. Scripture, being one. (Even though that means breaking EVERYTHING down and Googling the Greek and the Hebrew and the overall cultural nuances of the time, etc.) I responded by saying that I’ve been bouncing my questions up against what I know to be true of God’s character. If a certain belief or truth I’ve been presented with feels inconsistent with God’s character–that’s when I start to pull it apart and ask the hard, scary questions.

So, I had an idea.

I think a starting point for me in this messy jumble of threads to pull is to remind myself of what’s true about God’s character. For the next 30 days, I’m planning to Instagram one truth about who God is along with a piece of Scripture to back it up. I know there are way more than 30 truths about God, but 30 seems like a doable, small-enough goal that I can probably meet. I’m not the most disciplined person. 🙂

I’ll share them on Instagram at @AndreaEiken, on Facebook, and once per week I’ll share the images here.

So here’s Day 1 of 30 days of #HeIs:



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