It Isn’t What it Is.


“See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.” 

Isaiah 43:19

“It is what it is.”

Everyone says that. I say it. There are some things that can’t be changed. That’s the truth.

But lately, I’ve been thinking about things that can be changed, but we’ve decided they can’t be.

God is in the business of making things new.

This world is in the business of trashing things way beyond their beautiful, original, God-breathed state.

How many world-trashed parts of ourselves do we look at and declare, “It is what it is”?

I’ll lay it out right here and say that personally, I’m guilty of observing parts of myself that are dinged and damaged just by walking in this body through this life and labeling them irredeemable. “It is what it is.”


Lately, when I’m sitting at my desk at work, driving in my car, snuggling on the couch with my puppy, falling asleep in my bed, one word keeps rolling to the front of my chaotic mind.


I start to pray, “Redeem it. Redeem all of it.”

The parts of me, of people I love and care about–those parts that aren’t what they should be. The experiences that should’ve been but were never even close. The deep hurts we carry that should’ve been life-giving words that nestled into our hearts. The negative personal labels we’ve burned into our palms and stare at, tracing with our fingertips every afternoon. The Garden that should’ve been Peace but became Hell in an instant.


When I ask God to redeem it, I want him to make it what it should be.

Only He knows what all of this was supposed to be. He watched this broken place tear it to shreds. By inviting Him in, I want him to show me how He originally painted it before His riotous children ran screaming past the canvas wielding brushes dripping with thick black paint.

How could it have been? It can still be that. Because He’s still at work.

We can try all we want to make it right. But only He can redeem it.


I don’t know about you. But while I live this one life I’ve been given, I want to experience it redeemed.

Not so I can get God’s pat on my back for coloring so carefully inside the lines. Rule-following is a mere fraction of this faith.

I want all that He wants for me. Despite what this broken world does to hold me back.

I want more than it-is-what-it-is. For everything that should’ve been and never got to be–I want a life fully redeemed.

And I want that for everyone I’ve laid my two eyes on in this life.

More. There’s so much more than what you and I have settled for.

He’s still making it all new. And He’s doing it just for you.



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