Cold Weather Jams


Winter’s knocking on our door in Minnesota. With the cold on my cheeks, daylight slipping away and the strong pull from my body toward that pile of blankets on my sofa, this is the time of year when my music takes a turn for the slow and serious. These are my current cold weather jams.

“Wandering” – Gungor
This very well may be one of the truest, most authentic and human songs I’ve heard written by a Christian artist. I LOVE. And I enjoy that they’re doing what everyone freaked out about Frank Ocean doing two years ago–but BETTER.

“Say You Love Me” – Jessie Ware
Ed Sheeran co-wrote this masterpiece. These two Brits know what they’re doing. Reminds me of Bonnie Raitt’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me”. So good. Also, add to the list Jessie Ware’s “Wildest Moments”.  It’s old, but it still gets at least five plays per day in my headphones.

“Fineshrine” – Purity Ring
I pretty much just enjoy how this song sounds in my car. It just feels good. Turned all the way up. PS-These are some of the weirdest lyrics next to all of Bush’s Sixteen Stone album.

“Breathe In” – Japanese Wallpaper
I know very little about this song besides the fact that I found it accidentally while deep-diving in Spotify late one night and it warms my heart right up.

“Shadows” – Ryan Adams
I REALLY love Ryan’s latest album. I love the guitar sounds on this one so so much. I love Ryan Adams, but there’s something about warm weather that makes him sneak right out of my music rotation. But without fail, every Fall, he creeps right back in. His songs are made for cold weather and night driving.

“Is This How You Feel?” – The Preatures
If it has a 60’s/70’s vibe I’ll probably be all about it. Exhibit A. (And her vocals are on point).

“Time After Time” – She & Him
60’s vibe love, Exhibit B. Also, it’s crucial that I mention “Time after Time” is a song I’ve been in love with since I was 16 years old when I heard Frank Sinatra sing it for the first time. I heard Chet Baker sing it last year for the first time and his rendition got me straight in the heart. I even paid a piano player in a NYC restaurant $20 to play it in 2009. Now She & Him are covering standards and gave this underrated gem some love…I couldn’t be happier. LOVE THEM. LOVE THIS. So pumped for this whole album to be released Dec. 2!


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