The Best Covers


I’ve been thinking about this blog post for a┬álong time. The longer I put it off, the more songs I add! So here it is–My favorite cover songs. Not of all time. Because that would be the longest post…of all time.

XO- John Mayer (Original: Beyonce)

This song was my addiction for MONTHS earlier this year. I played it on repeat for hours on end at work. I love what he did with Beyonce’s song. So perfect.

Fast Car- Sam Smith (Original: Tracy Chapman)

I like everything he does, lately. He could cover Nicki Minaj and I’d be all over it.

Just Like Heaven- The Watson Twins (Original: The Cure)

Sleepy and beautiful.

Storms- Best Coast (Original: Fleetwood Mac)

I first saw them perform this on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. The next morning I found the video online and recorded it so I could play it on constant rotation for the entire day.

You Really Got a Hold on Me – She & Him (Original: Smokey Robinson)

They’re kind of the current masters of the Motown/Soul cover, in my opinion. I’m so excited for their cover album of American standards coming out in just a few weeks!

Bring It To Me- She & Him (Original: Sam Cooke)

I’ve never seen She & Him actually release this song. I’ve only listened to it on YouTube and I have no idea where it came from. But I LOVE IT and play it a lot in the winter on my drive to work.

Free Fallin’- John Mayer (Original: Tom Petty)

I mean really…who doesn’t love this cover? It’s pretty impossible not to.