If You Could Meet Anyone // TINA FEY


If you could meet ANYONE, who would you want to meet?

For me, it’s Tina Fey. I’ve read Bossypants twice and seen every episode of 30 Rock more times than I can count. I’ve rarely missed a TV appearance since her early days on SNL. Her chapters about improv comedy in Bossypants are a big reason I took a step out of my comfort zone and took an improv class at Comedy Sportz last year. If I could meet Tina, ideally we’d walk through Central Park (because that’s where her apartment is…I’m a creep.) and talk about what it means to be a lady in 2014. We’d also talk about writing and using experiences to create smart, innovative, biting humor. I admire Tina because she is smart, strong, confident, obviously hilarious, committed to her family, and works to press boundaries for women in show business and art. Her commentary on culture and media is consistently on point, smart, and real. I admire her to the moon and back! Here are some of my favorite Tina Fey and Liz Lemon moments.

Winning the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor.

“I’m not gonna get emotional tonight, because, I am a stone cold bitch.” (4:00) THE TIMING. The. Timing. She is good.

Tina’s speech after shooting the final episode of 30 Rock:

“A lot of shows work long hours, but we worked HARD during those long hours. And what we made is really GOOD and is going to stand the test of time.” Quality over quantity.

Liz Lemon on working out:

Liz Lemon’s Accents:

The fact that Liz Lemon never dances seriously. Like…ahem…someone else I know.

Tina making fun of herself and playing up one of the several times 30 Rock broke the 4th wall. Love.

The 4th wall breakdown:

The mockery of the female predicament:

Her friendship with Amy Poehler. Galpal relationships are necessary and fantastic.:


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