On Modern Relationships: Part 2

Hello dear blog friends.

I recently wrote a little post called “On Modern Relationships” and to my surprise, it quickly bounced all over the interwebs and according to WordPress stats, it was “blowing up” for a few days.  I guess if you meta tag a post with words like sex and love, you’re probably going to get a lot of traffic. 🙂 Shouldn’t have really been all that surprised…

Anyway–thanks for reading and sharing with me!

In February, I became aware of Joy Eggerichs.  I loved her silliness as she hosted the backstage portions of the IF: Gathering so I looked her up online. She’s part of a couple of projects called Love and Respect Now Ministries, The Illumination Project, and has written a book that releases in August called Permanent Vertigo: How Relationships Cause Us To Question Our Own Sanity And God’s Goodness. I am SO excited to read it! She went through a devastating breakup in her early twenties (much like someone else I know…ehem…) and remains single at 30. To my delight, I found out she has hundreds of YouTube videos talking about dating and relationships. I spent an hour and a half today watching a random assortment of them. At the end, I walked away inspired by her desire to glorify God in everything and in all areas of her life, and to run every situation through that filter. It’s certainly not an easy way of life, but something I’m inspired to work harder at. For those of you that identified with my relationships blog post, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite Joy Eggerichs videos. Enjoy!


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