My (Late) Opinions on Golden Globes Fashion

You are probably well aware by now that this blog is sometimes about really serious stuff. And sometimes–really, really not.

As I watched the Golden Globes last week, I took little notes in my iPhone about whose fashion made me gasp. Why? Because I want to call attention to it. Why? Because that’s the kind of stuff I think about when I’m lying on the couch in a Sunday night, wintertime, space-heater-induced stupor.

Why am I apologizing? Here goes. You’re gonna read it and you’re gonna like it:


Jared Leto

Alright. To begin, this isn’t really a fashion comment. Aside from the fact that Jared Leto will FOREVER be Jordan Catalano and don’t you dare try to tell me otherwise, I was really having a 90’s moment watching him accept his award. So, I’ve never seen Dallas Buyer’s Club, so I didn’t know his character’s name was Rayon. So when he thanked, “The Rayons of the world…” I nearly SHOT off the couch. I’m pretty sure I yelled, “WHAT?!” and tears welled up in my eyes. (I am such a fangirl, it’s sad really.) It was truly reminiscent of the moment NSYNC reunited at the VMAs, last year. Goosebumps appeared all over my body BECAUSE, my dear sweet friends, I THOUGHT he was thanking Rayanne Graff!!!





Rayanne from My So Called Life! She was a misfit and I thought he drew inspiration from her. Soon, I put it together about his movie character’s name and calmed the heck down. But whoa. In my mind, I’m going to pretend he thanked Rayanne and that My So Called Life really happened and it’s STILL happening somewhere in some other dimension and one day I’ll get to hang out with Jordan Catalano in a stairwell. (They’re at a Buffalo Tom concert in this video in some place where you can stand around and also play pool. Oh and wear lots of baggy flannel. *Sigh* I miss the 90s.)


fdee716322322790762a24e2594d5e80 80ecdc1773d109b98ccee2e051312cb2

Zooey Deschanel

Zooey gets two photos. One for the full ensemb. I love the classic beaded detail of her dress and the TULLE. Could we all start wearing tulle ballerina skirts everyday? I would seriously love it. I see them online all the time paired with a casual t-shirt and it looks awesome. But I’m pretty sure if I wore that to Target I’d get some funny looks.

Zooey’s makeup and jewels. I happen to remember her jewels are from Neil Lane…lucky Zooey. I love the lashes and the perfect red lip, not too overpowering. If it were bolder (a’la Katy Perry) it would look like she were going to a 1950’s costume party. Smart, smart choice. You know these choices are deliberate. It’s really crazy to think about! Her dress reminds me of some of the things Gwen Stefani used to wear when she first started working with John Galliano.

Basically, I’d wear this. Tomorrow.




f3e85442b3bd0c0ad163ef763aa19f67Olivia Wilde  

Her red to blonde ombre is working. Well. I’ve also always been a huge fan of emerald green on ANYONE, but especially with red or auburn hair. It’s just one of my favorite combinations. I had an emerald green Barbie dress that ALWAYS ended up on my vintage Midge. Always.

This is also a good time for me to tell you that I recently watched the indie movie she made last year with Jake Johnson (from New Girl), Drinking Buddies. It’s on Netflix. Even though there’s some language, some weird stuff, and Jake Johnson NEVER has shoes on (my GOSH what is it with lazy hipster boys and not wearing shoes in public?!), it was endearing. There was a lot that I liked about it. Her character frustrated me because I know people like her. I’m not going to give much away but if you’re up for it–I think it’s worth watching. The end.

Fun fact, she’s marrying (and carrying the baby of) Jason Sudeikis. SNL. Applebee’s voiceover guy. ICYMI.




b74adcb47d577a78c4dde4fada98864eLeonardo DiCaprio

Classic. Classy, classy. Eloquent. Leo4evr.

That is all.







Has Julia Roberts always had brown/amber/honey colored irises? Or has she been wearing colored contacts lately? Fake eyelashes make the world a better place.







Here ends my Golden Globes breakdown. Thank you for listening. (You better still be listening…)



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