Teen Times



0a69dc4bc118f15c5d256eaa6c39d588I came across this image on the interwebs recently and froze. In my mind, I was transported to a time when my bedroom walls were bright pink and covered in clippings. I stapled everything onto my walls. A shoelace from the floor of a concert. A magazine clipping. A card from a friend. CD liner notes. Index cards from school. I was that teen.

This particular photo of Deborah Harry and David Bowie hung next to my bed for awhile. I was discovering late 70’s music in 9th/10th grade and admired the flamboyancy and fearlessness of character in people like Cyndi Lauper, Debbie Harry, Freddie Mercury and David Bowie. And the person they directly influenced from MY time- Gwen Stefani. I’m not even going to get started on Gwen because I’ll write a novel.

Anyhoo. It got me reminiscing about who else was on my wall as I grew up. I’m a sucker for nostalgia so I made this gallery to take me back. 🙂

Who lived on YOUR bedroom walls?




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